Our People

Bengt Carlson – Sports Massage and Injury Treatment Specialist

DipRM, BHlthSci(CompMed)

0403 770 883 – massage@sportmedicine.com.au

Christmas Eve 2013 - 07

“I believe that you should get results from your first treatment.  If you don’t you are probably wasting your money – no matter who you go to see, you should get some sort of improvement.  I also believe that your time is as valuable as mine, so I promise that I will see you on time or your treatment is free.  The flip side of that promise is that if you are late, I will still finish on time so as not to keep my next client waiting, so please try to make sure you are here 5 min early.

    I have been involved in the health and fitness industry since I was 14 (first joined a gym and been going ever since).  I have been qualified as a gym instructor since 1989 and first started doing massage around 1987.  I have had a very wide range of jobs and have travelled, which has given me a broader understanding of where a lot of my clients are coming from.

    I have also been involved in sports most of  my life, from badminton, squash, soccer, swimming, snow and water skiing, rock climbing, martial arts, boxing, powerlifting, gymnastics, surfing, cycling, running, etc.

    My clients vary from students, elite athletes, PhD Doctors to tradies, nurses and other health professionals, factory workers and labourers to CEO’s and executives.  They come in for everything from once off injuries like a sore neck from washing dishes (I know it sounds weird but surprisingly common), chronic injury management to my favourite which is injury prevention.

    As one of my clients once told me “I didn’t know there could be a different normal”.  It is not until you get a regular massage that you really appreciate the benefit of it.”

Bengt has been a massage therapist since 1987, studying at Southern School of Natural Therapies in 1990/91 and upgrading massage qualifications to a Diploma of Remedial Massage through The Gordon TAFE in 2010, and going on to complete a Bachelor of Health Science in Complimentary Medicine at Charles Sturt University in 2016 to further expand his knowledge and skills.