Loretta Jones

I wasn’t expecting the massage to hurt as much as it did, but now I can lean forward and bend over without any pain in my lower back. I’d definitely like to make regular appointments, just have to talk to my health care provider to work out how often I can afford it. 🙂  Thanks Bengt, I really do feel a lot better!

Bernadette Uzelac

“Bengt is a highly talented sports therapist who achieves outstanding results. He is a well regarded therapist who is highly respected within the Geelong region. I have utilised his services for sports massage a number of times of the past few years and I would highly recommend Bengt unreservedly as an expert within his profession.” July 29, 2010

Josip Zilic

“Bengt provides a remarkable service that getss to the core of issues. He provides feedback on progress and recommendations on how to manage physical conditioning yourself. I have used his services for over 7 years now and whenever issues arise with my body that require attention, Bengt is the first number I call. Even before my doctor.” July 28, 2010

Fiona Bell

Thank-you so much, I have had a fabulous 5 days at the snow with some skiing!! and pain free. I am now going to get my fitness back on track. Thanks and I will definitely send people your way.

I have also obtained a copy of John Mcleans book so thanks for the tip , this will be great motivation.


The main factor for me is that it works and usually works after one treatment if I am proactive in making an appointment. But assuming there are alternatives that would do the same my reasons are that it is a joy to walk through that front garden and experience 30 minutes of the atmosphere that Bengt creates – the holistic interest in life, a positive motivational experience with a velvet texture; I feel a whole person rather than a tangle of muscles…..and the chocolate at the end, well that reminds me that a good life is about adding positive value not the negativity of denial. So Bengt, keep the garden, keep the chocolate, keep talking about the books you read and keep the fingers able to work the magic 🙂

Julia Grainger

“Bengt is a highly professional, well organised provider of sports massage and therapy techniques. In the time that I have known Bengt he has always provided the utmost in care and consideration. Devoted to the concepts of continuous development and improvement Bengt is always looking for ways to develop his skills and expertise in order to provide a high value results-oriented service to his clients.” October 24, 2009