M. Loundes – Retired

“Being in my 80’s with Osteoporosis, Scoliosis, and degenerated disks in my neck, I was taking up to ten pain-killers per day. In my search to relieve my neck pain, I was a physiotherapist twice a week over a period of month with no results. My Specialist in Melbourne said that my only remaining options were to have surgery on my neck with no guaranteed results, or to “try anything”.

My daughter suggested that I visit Bengt to try a massage. After my first treatment in May 1998, I immediately felt a much-reduced level of pain, and for a few days I did not take any pain-killers at all. About a month later I had a second treatment and I have not felt the need to have more than a couple of pain-killers per day until the last few weeks when I have felt the need for another treatment from Bengt.

If you suffer from any type of muscular related pain I would recommend that you phone Bengt today for an appointment”

Elaine Brown – Councellor

“The intention of this note is to let you know how wonderful I feel after your massage yesterday. A little lightheadedness developed into a euphoric feeling. Today I am definitely more in touch with like, love and my soul – a peaceful and calm aura surrounds me. It’s a beautiful feeling that you helped manifest though your firm touch and centering hands which must come from your own true spirit. Not often is one praised for exceptional work so I “Thank you” here in words for a beautiful lasting massage experience”

Louise Aughterson – DHS Work Health Unit

“The Department of Human Services Health and Safety Week activities in the Barwon South Western Region were extremely successful. The Corporate Massage sessions were one of the highlights, thank you for your participation in our calendar of events.

This activity was extremely well attended by staff and highly recommended by those who had one. They said the benefits lasted well into the next week. Staff have said providing this type of service makes them feel valued and more relaxed

In the Human Services field there are many and varied stressors in the workplace as there is a broad range of duties staff perform. Staff from all areas reported very positive feedback from the sessions.

Since the sessions were held I have had enormous inquiry about further sessions due to the feedback provided by word of mouth. I intend to discuss this further with our Human Resource Manager.

I would have no hesitation in referring to your service and I would be happy to be contacted as a referee.”

Hugh Thyer – Runner/IT Manager

“As a runner returning from years of painful shin splints I am keen to get back to competitive times as soon as I can. Since seeing Bengt for only 30 minutes a week, I have thrown out my orthotics, stopped seeing a physio and started to run pain and injury free. Thanks to Vital Massage I have started to run more than I have ever run before, and my times are improving every week! Just incredible!

Kate Robertson – Geelong Otway Tourism

“Finding a good massage therapist is as important to me as finding a good hairdresser! (Yes, perhaps more of a ‘girl thing’?!) Once you find them, you hang onto them. I traveled for many years to Melbourne and back for my massage therapy, thinking I couldn’t find anyone else as good. But I did. Vital Massage Therapy has to be one of the best around. You don’t believe me? Go try it for yourself. “

Paul Tan – CPA

“Well, receiving a sport remedial massage or a normal massage to cure an injury like a stiff shoulder, neck, sore lower left back and the regular soreness incurred from running 30 to 40 km’s a week from Bengt gave me an enormous amount of satisfaction. He was able to relieve the intermediate pain to improve and maintain my quality of life. I was able to walk; run with minimal pain and discomfort.

Bengt’s knowledge of the body’s pressure points allowed me to walk properly when I could not even get out of bed or walk from place A to place B.

The money I spent at VIT&L over the past 5 years has benefited me enormously. Bengt got instant results and he is better than your normal physiotherapist”

Raquel Lindner

“I have recently moved to Geelong and was weary of trying someone new. I didn’t want to pay a fortune and be disappointed. The VIT&L yellow pages advert with the testimonials impressed me so I gave it a go. The massage gave instant results! It released the tension I was feeling and I feel great. The room was warm and relaxing and I immediately felt comfortable. I definitely recommend VIT&L for fantastic results and value for money. “

Michelle Martella – Fitness Instructor

“As an instructor in the fitness industry myself, i have a fair understanding of my body and what it can do. Unfortunately at times though it needs to be tuned and repaired, something I cannot do myself. Though I am a new client to yourself, the two treatments I have received have been extremely effective. It has put me back on my feet, feeling tops. I definitely look forward to further treatment with you, its magic. THANKS, your a champ”

Richard Quail

For a first massage i wasn’t sure what to expect and with my neck being fairly sore i really wanted to it to be better by the weekend for my trip to the snow, the treatment i got passed all expectations and my neck was much much better the very next day! it made for a wonderful weekend and i will most definitely not just come back when needed but recommend Bengt to all my friends and family.

Michelle W

Would like to thank Bengt, for fitting me in at short notice.  Having suffered from headaches thru neck & shoulder pain for some time, how wonderful it was to be able to move around without any pain at all, only 2 days after the session.  Have been able to ride my horses without any of the pain that i had  previous felt.  Thanks once again.

Nat V – sprinter

You will be pleased to know that my Shins have been fine since visiting you. Whilst the pain during the massage was awful and I must admit the following week my Shins were bruised and sore yet I have not had any sign of the shin splints reoccurring thanks to you.

 Last athletic’s session I spent more then enough money and time visiting the pysio but my shins were not getting any better, one visit to you and like I said before it’s amazing.

I am more then happy to refer you to other athlete’s and friends. 

Paul Dickens – SCUBA Instructor

Having never really experienced any long term pain, I succumbed to Tennis Elbow and was becoming quite depressed as it put a halt to many of my normal activities, which I had always taken for granted.

Three visits to Bengt over a few weeks seemed to cure the condition almost completely. The relief from just the first visit amazed me. I can’t recommend V.I.T&L Massage Therapy highly enough!

Lily Tsen – “recommended by my long-term osteopath.”

“I was in need of a remedial and sport massage specialist after moving back to Geelong for work. I was recommended to Bengt by my long-term osteopath. Bengt is an outstanding professional and service provider and I felt immediate relief and results. His practice is not only reliable but also welcoming and professional. Bengt sees professionals from all arenas, including world-renowned athletes and key business personalities and it is obvious why. I have recommended Bengt to my colleagues, family and friends and have no hesitation in making this recommendation.”