Joe Boras

“Bengt is not only a professional person who runs his appointments like clock work but as a sports masseuse he has treated all my injuries, stiffness, soreness, etc (you name it) with minimal recovery time. Highly recommended and i have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.” August 23, 2011

Yvonne Hill

“Bengt’s massages always help me get over any soreness that come up after runs and or workouts. I make regular appointments which definitely helps prevent any serious injuries. On the rare occasions that I do suffer from an injury, Bengt is able to provide me with great advice and manages to speed my recovery time.” August 23, 2011

Raj Marfatia – Architect

“I first met Bengt while competitively sprinting in 1999. He represented a critical part of my overall training and management program between 1999-2008. His dedication and genuine support was invaluable.

Although I’ve since retired from competitive sprinting, I’m still as active as ever and his skills and expertise are just important now as they were several years ago. In fact, since shifting my attentions to other physical endeavours including Brazilian Jui Jitsu, the regular visits to Bengt have been critical in maintaining a healthy, well-conditioned body.

He’s professional, friendly and comitted to all of his clients. From elite athletes to the weekend warriers. Big or small. Young or old… He’s about providing a great service time and time again.

Raj Marfatia.”

Service Category: Masseur

Year first hired: 1999 (hired more than once)

Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Sarah Kersten-Murphy

Your massages are a blessing, you help people to move, one step at a time toward that life that you thought may only be a dream!

I have known Bengt for approximately 9 years.  Bengt is a very well organised and engaging person.  Bengt has many acquired and interchangeable working skills.  His work ethic is very good.  He operates in a clear and concise manner, always showing appreciation for other people’s needs.  His interpersonal and communication skills are impressive and are as much of an asset to him as his educational pursuits and her continued desire and efforts to find new learning opportunities.

Bengt is a positive and highly motivated person who always shows you respect. Bengt always shows his values of honesty, integrity, being genuine and respectful.  These qualities compliment Bengt showing him as a pleasant and welcoming friend. Bengt helps people to move, one step at a time toward that life that you thought may only be a dream.

Bengt actions his life ambitions by inspiring us all to have clarity, accountability, focus, inspired action, passion and a step-by-step plan. And that’s exactly what to expect from Bengt.

Jacqueline Tribe

I cannot thank you enough, Bengt. There is nothing worse than having a nagging pain that encumbers you from going about your daily life – and I had lived with that for 8 months. I tried Physio, Chiro, Massage, Reiki, Bowen Therapy and Acupuncture and none of them treated the problem and removed the pain. I was beginning to fear it was just how my body was going to be for the rest of my life. I am delighted to say that I had a treatment from you yesterday afternoon – and last night was the first time in 8 months that I had a restful – and pain free – night’s sleep. I actually woke up a couple of times during the night – and ‘double checked’ how I was feeling – and was thrilled to be ‘fixed’! As I said, Bengt, I cannot thank you enough!!!

Paul Haines – GFC Footballer

“Bengt is a very knowledgeable and experienced masseur who was working at the Geelong Football Club while I was Conditioning Manager. Bengt has always had great rapport with all of the playing group. Ongoing communication between myself and Bengt, as well as all the masseurs, ensured the best recovery protocols were always given to the players at the football club”

Nuno Costa – Crossfit USA

I definitely felt a huge different in my achilles – the next day, i felt super great, pain free, the best i have felt in the past few weeks!  The massage felt very well tailored to what I asked for – you knew exactly what you were doing and how much pressure to apply according to my schedule and when I was training.  I felt that you did a great job at getting the blood moving and focusing on the main areas I needed work on and I really felt great after.  I wish I could have done a full hour or that you lived nearby and I could use you all the time – Geelong is lucky to have you!

Nuno Costa

Invictus Fitness / Crossfit Endurance

San Diego – USA